Come inside Kathy's studio...

...learn to make confident design choices and master Kathy's Organic Appliqué techniques.

You'll love this class if you've always wanted to take your creativity a step further and learn how to make your own decisions starting with an inspiration fabric. You'll love this class if you want to learn fluid, unrestrained appliqué techniques... and you'll love this class if you want to learn a creative process which you can take into future projects! This class also includes comprehensive instruction on hand quilting with Perle 8 thread.

Do you want to learn techniques designed to take you on a fun and exciting creative journey?

Come inside Kathy's studio....

Course curriculum

Once enrolled, you'll have unlimited access to all video lessons, templates and PDF downloads

    1. Welcome into the wild

    2. Inspiration Slide Show

    3. Tools of the Trade

    1. Choosing Background Fabric

    2. Choosing Inspiration Fabric

    3. Choosing Applique Fabric

    1. Using Wash Away Paper

    2. Making Long Stems

    3. Making Circles

    4. Making Units

    1. Composition - Auditioning the Layout

    2. Securing Units in Place - Applique Technique

    3. Quilting with Perle 8 - Technique

    4. Quilting With Perle 8 - Baptist Fans

    5. Quilting with Perle 8 - Around Appliqué

    6. Thank you for coming Into the Wild!

About this course

  • $100.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Are you ready to make a quilt which represents your creative personality?

Come Into the Wild with Kathy Doughty....

Kathy Doughty

Teacher, Fabric Designer, Shop Owner

Kathy invites you into her creative world with virtual classes which focus on selecting fabric, mastering techniques and developing ideas in composition. Creative challenges can be intimidating - so how better to comfortably push your limits than in a virtual workshop supported by an expert? In her classes Kathy encourages you to tap into your own creativity by sharing decades of experience as an obsessive quilter, book author, teacher, designer and owner of Material Obsession - her shop in Sydney Australia since 2003.